"Infinity lies in an endless repetition,
true beauty in finding a sacred harmony
from within"


Francel van Drunen is an artist born in the Netherlands. She has developed her own refined signature as an artist throughout the years. 

In her art you see the universe reflected

Her sculptures are made of high quality bronze, beautifully polished, enriched with exceptional colours and delicate patterns.

Francel has developed an extraordinary technique. She carves her drawings into the patinated bronze in a refined and characteristic way.

Every art piece she makes is unique

Her sculptures conduct and reveal the light from inside beyond itself in a shimmering web of golden threads.

Francel has always been fascinated by the concept of light and the sense of presence beyond the visible.

The universe, the nature of light and music have always been her main inspiration.

She utilises silence, movement and light in her compositions and strives for a harmonious union between them in her sculptures.

" Silence is a presence from which all is formed. All is drenched in one movement, one endless repetition. To watch the patterns unfold, layer upon layer. To watch the image turn influenced by the light, coming to life. "

By engraving in bronze and revealing the light Francel seeks to transcend. She strives to reach beyond time into infinity.

" Infinity lies in an endless repetition, true beauty in finding a sacred harmony from within. "

Francel's work has been exhibited at galleries in Europe and the UK, including at Bowman Sculpture in London, England ; Art Miami 2020 ; Gallery Bell' Arte at The Kurhaus in the Hague, the Netherlands ; Van Loon Galleries in Vught, the Netherlands ; Kroon Gallery at the Kruisherenhotel Maastricht, the Netherlands.